Red Ball 4 Fidget Spinner

Hey, you. Let go of our freind. Yeah why don’t you just step aside and let our friend go or else you’re gonna get hurt dude. I don’t think so milk dud, go get him dad. Oh that’s it take this out oh ah ouch You stand no chance against me.

ahh there’s only one thing left to do FIDGET ATTACK!!!! morph transformation! You’re free darling.

Thank you Daddy got her chace. Eww get off of me stop that she’s got a little crush on you huh chase. Ah come on chase.

You know you think she’s cute. Oh Really? It’s FGTV Respectable when I sell I have gt vers. My name is MCTV Teddy This is fg t me chase and one pass with some are For yet part 5 the caves all day birthday Where are you -? You do the opposite of relax.

Yeah, you stay here this guy’s not a youtuber He’s probably a vine cuz since it’s over ha ha ha kidding molested pieces alright, 70 oh We got some of these but whoa what how come they’re not exploding 1 Star 2 Star 3 Star 4 star By crash ah me I am going to try is so hard. I know how to do this one Did a timer? Yes, all righty this things are on timers Or they’re just really nice teammates because they’re waiting for each other to Go, let’s go that was easy. That was it that was 170. What solemn words dude this laser laser Snot blood these are blood spots those are blocks jump up wait a lot isn’t that from EpIc Mickey In slot. Oh, no spiky.

Watermelon. Grape seeds wait a minute. I just realized we have our color back wait, when did that happen? So this is a tomato.

Oh, it’s a tomato who saw it. I don’t know Oh, we were just playing with the gray ball little blood snot Maybe we should call them blood boogers then they’ll be called bloggers key, we unlocked it boom we got that stuff Oh, yes, all you got this chisel you so got this oh boom And oh that was close one dude. What is that machine shooting out boogers?

Too much up for the bloggers Okay, you got it Jump in you got it. Oh, no, another guy Wow All right, nice alright. Let’s go down to level 72 Danger I can pass in level 72. Oh no watch out. We got some little blood snacks right here. Let me try first Star we got a run and skunk Running skunk well outs running skunk and run in stomp and run and ouch Alright here.

We go and hide back yeah, baby. Oh, I got hit by one that’s alright gods are still pretty good oh Let’s just hit that checkpoint real quick. Go back.

Did that’s dot And then we should have died covered any bullets not coming any blood snot Tomato juice all over the screen on my face are you got this I know you got this Who do you have oh? Trust us. I know this really cool trick. It’s called hey, you come and get me down here.

Ha ha ha ha exploitation Exploration it’s time to rock the let’s all nation and in this corner got a key and that One I’ve got to start and I caught spikes in my knee, and I’m going to Hop down here And Hop down here and then cross over here, and then don’t get scared. I’m losing my mind. I lost some hair I’ma go right down there.

Oh, I’m going right down there. Oh now. We gotta get three cheese That’s eight state our dS. Can you do it the hS ae? hae No, I’m just like sick spelled your name wrong Okay, I got this homie g. Oh It takes turns it goes goofily yet, let me show you no no no no I’ll show you no How about you me laugh at that? It’s a pattern see 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 okay I’m pretty bad into about 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 What what is that?

Oh, no? Oh, no? Nickelodeon yes, I don’t think so. I didn’t in it No, no, no, lo do let me just do it cuz we got one heart we got one Let’s get together and play race bot.

Oh, no you Can I do this because we’ll have one heart. I’m just afraid bogus nuts Focus not focus knobs wherefore art out get up off of me because now I have a doing a frown That’ll make no pimp Dennis make a stop if I fall down it cut off well oh Why did you hear that reverb? How did I do that with my voice you got this brother cates to turn ah? Nice. Oh, you got to do parkour jumping boom boom boom boom – boom? – boom Boom boom – boom you gotta jump to the left and jump to the right gotta get that start because without it It can’t be nice cuz get it.

They’re stars in the nighttime Joe there you go Dude, you got the hang of it. You just gotta get the timing right? frustration Sorry mean. Oh, dude. Next levels the pole.

No yeah no, no, just trust me just Just real pressure pops. I know what I’m talking about Hmm. I’m kind of like the serial you gotta have your pop out because if you don’t have your box you won’t quite know how To be jumped up, okay fold on straight. Oh, you gotta go to that laughs alright. Go, not yet Not yet, right yeah creeps you something – a little bit ready air Just oh my goodness gracious Kill it – Jack’s right you got that You got your fist and you gotta stay in the middle and then get that one and then jump over here and then go to This side and then go to this side and then go to the aside And then go or here see I told your dad can do it oh I’m feeling like we don’t want to get that kind of key wait a minute Oh, no, which key weight helps you pop out what colors that green that one gram.

I agree. What’s that one? Oh, they’re all green over there so as soon as I get one it’s not going to be fun Okay boom oh, no. Oh no.

Oh no. Oh, they’re all coming for me How do I do this seriously like how would I do this come and get me? Yeah, yeah, go catch me over here. I almost did actually catch me over there. That was just pretty strange thing Going God why just why was there three keys right was the three keys or six keys you want sighs probably let me do I? Think I should do it right, okay ouch.

I just caught a little boo-boo Okay, ready and come and get me fun. Okay. Just hide over here.

Yeah, go reach me Actually, I would have reached me and I would have died cuz I only have one heart left Chase Do you think I could do it? Yeah, one? Okay right now Dude, it says right there waiting. You know what that smells, but how do you know it doesn’t say sister hob? ah, I’m scaling Yes, it’s a scary boy. Get pocket.

So skill yeah little fitted spinner thought about it. Look at it It’s like a little squeal if your squeal thinking, what’s that thing do right there, you got to get that I think that’s how to poop. I think that makes things fall on it, Daddy milk Give me to step in and jump attack from paw print it going on it Just to be my previous job all the construction manager controlled Demolition alright. It’s alright.

You got this artist go and get that gig yet Rush of Old oh wait. Oh yeah, You have to make sure that would you get that? He’s in the middle for the block did some I think that block had to hit up a right bear on his belly cock Pay you to come and get me, dude. What’s the matter little scared man?

I don’t think so hahahahaha Boom right in the middle and then hop over. Oh, no, I got why? Get up wait okay, so uh and then call it over like this yeah, I’ll think so man Yes, right now. Go up.

Go up half over here. Yes, right you want some of this I don’t think you do I Really just don’t think that you do do. This is so far the easiest walks. No blood boogers none Yeah, come and get me blood boogers knots wow. This is actually a pretty easy boss. No lease nice Oh ass adjust to the other side wait.

I might actually take back what I was talking about go and I Got Joe Faison, then I break it. I just got I’ll make it that made no I just wanted to rhyme okay, but always three hearts I’m scaled you need let that know if you help I just am here waiting in waiting for Ville hello How’s it going? You ain’t in here?

– yeah now, just I’m just waiting here – yeah Yeah, sorry man, ya know whenever you hear probably hurtful Yeah, yeah occupy and fill it all right you got this shape To your unnumbered you have three hearts with two things you’re doing really good I know you got this ready in now. No, not now ready in now Yes know What I say now, not what I say now. That’s when I now.

How now brown cow ready No, no yet, you’ll get closer, okay? Now don’t have your job or you’re gonna be closed like this like like ready on the low block pop up goal not like I’m above ghosts crossed I want to crush Cuz cuz he’s diabetic you can’t float up. Oh jeez Yeah, go ahead.

I got all year decade century Millennium Infinity this mix salad joke that out for getting it. Just me infinity all recipes visibility go To range you just gotta get right with the time and you can do it What do I do one much fat one much up? I just kind of want like Hop in the game Okay, I’m in the game. Hey, you so transport once I’m okay.

Gene. Come on. Dude.

You can do it do it Yeah, all right Good job All right, I’m gonna go back down. Bye. Oh That was fun. You almost couldn’t trust me. You know Okay, one more try one more.

I’m not lying. I’ll see you waiting here at this guy. Yeah Clarkey Point ah One more fact just one just one okay. Oh Go, no oh No, oh no what oh you got your girlfriend Discovered.

Oh I know how it is it actually it’s kind of weird considering that we had the intro But the intro is based on the ending and we’re just at the ending Strange oh call me Jack. Oh Girlfriend Daddy G my girlfriend broke that’s all you right. There yah, the vineya yah, sevigny Yah, Savannah all hey. How’s it goin smushed you into the blood boogers nothing?

She doesn’t like to be smooshed into the blood boogers nothing out there. She is hey Oh, oh ah they do love chicken Chase and the random girl sitting in the grass ksf, ha ha ha ha ha track of the latest news Hmm now web also are over had to wait two more years to play web all for part six again We literally just checked on this game like two months ago thinking Why is there new update and then boom all of a sudden everyone is like you know as you can tell you do drop play? Right before your update. Thank you by the way for that one well guys that’s it for this video Thank you so much for watching we’ll check you guys later say something brahms mouthing oh Wow, this will get let off a bomb dude well guy, Jessica. Yo check it You are not stronger than your father banished you into a tall kingdom of smallness, haha. Good you me whistling wait amazing I Think I may do that where I like them unless I can have a superpower a Supercar that’s a superpower.

I’m getting close to the mic so you can hear it because from I get Palin I’ll give it here. I’m whistle that’s a superpower features a little goodbye okay. I fries ah Hey, I can’t go in the game.

Yeah oh, hi, you without the man nady for my fan feedback You want your mask back? Okay, I will throw at you one two three