Learn how to play Sic Bo with PlaySmart

It’s played with three dice and players bet on the outcome of the roll. Now, the key to Sic Bo is knowing how to read the table. There’s definitely a lot going on there. That’s right.

The table may look complicated at first, but it’s really quite easy. Every possible combination that the dice can produce, is shown here, along with its payout odds, which is the rate that each pays out if you win. That’s helpful to have it all just laid out there for you. Yep, and you might see different types of Sic Bo tables at different casinos, but all of them show the payout odds, to keep things easy to follow, you know? Okay. Once all bets are placed, three dice are shaken.

Oh, fun! So when do I roll the dice? Actually, this is what sets Sic Bo apart from other table games, like Craps.

The Sic Bo dice are rolled by the dealer, using an electronic dice shaker. In rare cases, you might see a dealer shake them by hand, old-school free money no deposit casinos nz style. Oh, cool! Since every roll is random, any of the combinations can come up at any time.

That means there’s no skill or strategy to winning. It’s all up to the dice! Let’s take a look at all the different bets. So many to choose from. There are, Michelle, but they all fall into a couple general categories: Basically, you have options to bet on what number shows up on one, two, or three of the dice.

Or, you can bet on the total that the dice add up to. And all possible results are on the table? That’s right. Each bet is illustrated on the Sic Bo table and grouped based on their payout odds. So, no one has to be a math major in order to play.

Nope, not at all! And the dealers are always there to answer any questions. Now, the first row from the bottom shows the single number bets. These are bets on any number 1 through 6 coming up on the next roll of the 3 dice. For example, if you place five dollars on a single number bet, like a two, and if any of the dice rolls a two, you win five dollars.

Cool, but what if… what if two of the dice roll a 2? Does that mean I win more money? Excellent question. You get paid for each die that shows the number you bet on. If your number turns up twice, you get paid 2 to 1.

Uh, and if it comes up on all three, you get paid 3 to 1. – Nice! – Yeah, right? Now, these are combination bets.

Here, you bet on the chance of two specific numbers appearing among the three dice. Ahh. And that’s less likely to happen right?

– Exactly. – Okay. And that’s why the payout odds are higher. The third row from the bottom shows the total bets. For these bets, players bet on the total sum of the numbers appearing on all 3 dice, like rolling 3 fives for 15.

Now, up here is where you can bet on a specific double, where your selected number appears on two of the three dice or a specific triple, where all three dice land on the same number. And then here you can bet on any triple where you win if all three dice come up with any of the same three numbers. What if I bet on a double, but I roll a triple, do I still win? Another good question, Michelle. If you bet on a double, and a triple comes up, you lose that bet.

Okay, well that makes sense. So what about these two corner bets? Ah yes, these two are based on adding up the total of all three dice. Instead of betting on a specific sum, players can bet that the total sum of the roll will be between 4 and 10, that’s called a “Small Bet”, or between 11 and 17, which is called a “Big Bet”.

Okay, do you win more on a Big Bet? The Small and Big total bets both have the same payout odds, 1 to 1, because the odds of rolling a small or a large sum are the same. Gotcha! So, is it better to try for higher odds and a lower payout, or lower odds and a higher payout? Well, there’s no way to predict which bet will win next.

But if you’re just starting out, bets with lower payouts, like the Small and Big bets, are lower risk, and might extend your play budget. Okay. Cool. – One more question. – Okay. What’s up with the dice on the screen?

Alright, this is a digital board that you’ll find at some casinos. It displays the history of recent rounds of play. But know this, every roll of the dice is purely random and independent of the last. So, no offence to the board, but it can’t predict the future.